Obama on 60 Minutes

March 22nd, 2009

Just finished watching President Obama on 60 minutes.

Continue to marvel at his honesty and his authenticity. Our President ‘s courage is remarkable: he takes on the miserable legacy of torture (and Dick Cheney’s continuing rationalizations for it) and then goes right up against Wall Street’s defense of unimaginable salaries.

I am honored to be among many who traveled and volunteered for Obama in the primary and in the general election, a life-changing experience as most volunteers will attest… and I’ve made a decision to re-start my grantwriting/consulting career to help make my community better.

So what’s next?

So will the non-profit sector benefit from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009? It is pretty murky reading the document, and the non-profit sector is finding its way in the challenge of the economic crisis.

Thankfully, I just I found John Hopkins University’s Forward Together Declaration:

This declaration, and the list of impressive organizations that have signed on to date, rallies the citizen sector (much stronger word tan either non-profit or philanthropy) to “renew our commitment to serve as partners in public service in addressing the challenges our nation faces…This renewal process will involve work for all of us:

• For citizens, it will require greater commitment to service and community, to giving and volunteering;

• For government at all levels, it will require flexibility and new approaches, investment in nonprofit capacity, a nonprofit seat at the policy table, heightened responsiveness to citizen-sector innovations, and greater protection of the
distinctive functions such as advocacy that make the citizen sector so vital;

• For business, it will require strengthened partnerships with citizen sector organizations and continued integration of socially responsible objectives into central business operations;

• For organized philanthropy, it will require greater commitment to leveraging, as opposed to preserving, assets, to fostering innovation, and to taking risks;

• For nonprofit leaders and organizations, it will require effective management, continuous innovation, recommitment to mission, broadened engagement of citizens, and attention to measurable results; and

• For everyone, it will require a recognition that no one set of institutions has all of the answers or all of the resources needed to address the problems we face, and that cooperative action by all of our institutions—government, business, and nonprofit—holds the real key to the progress we need.”

Sign the Declaration

So I hope you will join me by  signing the document and pass it along to your networks…the citizen sector!

Here is the url www.jhu.edu/listeningpost/forward/

~ Karen

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